Visitor Info

Think Safety First

We want your trip to the fair to be just as safe as this visit to our website. We provide the following to guarantee a safe and fun-filled visit:

  • Handicapped parking
  • Lighted parking lots
  • Security staff throughout the fairgrounds
  • Lost Children Procedures
  • Clean and supervised restrooms
  • First Aid Office
  • Carnival Supervisory Staff in the midway office with radio contact to Fair Security
  • Diaper station in Main restrooms
  • Maps of the fairgrounds containing daily event schedules and emergency and first aid contact/location information available at each of the entrance gates
  • When visiting the fair with children, be sure to have a predetermined meeting spot in the event you get separated.


Parking is in the fields surrounding the Fair. Parking is always free. Signage on Plains Road will direct you to the correct lot. Follow the directions of the parking crew.


The grounds have two restroom facilities. One is located near the Richards Building at the front of the grounds and the other is located at the back of the grounds across from the carnival. Both have handicapped booths.  The main restroom has changing tables.


There are baby changing tables in the main restrooms. The paths and roads are paved, so strollers can move freely. Most of the tent floors are earth, and strollers require a little more attention when navigating.

First Aid Station

First aid personnel are on duty during events throughout the year and during extended hours at Fair time. Minor injuries and ailments are treated at the First Aid Station located in the Administration Building.

Information Booths

Information booths are located inside the main gates. Stop by and ask for a schedule. There is a map inside, and a day specific schedule on the cover. The staff can direct you to events and answer your questions.


There are benches scattered throughout the grounds. A wonderful rest spot is Founders Park, adjacent to the Horse Show Area. It has lots of shade and benches and you can watch exhibitors in the schooling ring.

Lost & Found

All lost and found articles can be turned in or claimed at the Main Information Booth or the Administration Building. If you realize you are missing an item after you get home, call the main office 973-948-5500 x221.

Lost Children Station

Lost Children Station is located at Security near the Main Information Booth on Main Street.

Our “No Pets” Policy

NO Pets allowed on the Fairgrounds at any time. "Service animals [dogs] as defined by the American Disabilities Act are welcome at the New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show [title iii ADA].  All other animals including comfort/therapy animals are prohibited."

DO NOT leave your dog in the car. Any dog left in a vehicle will be turned over to the local authorities/dog warden at the expense of the owner.

Prohibited Items & Behaviors – Subject to Search

For the safety and security of all our guests, the following are not permitted through the gates of our Fair:

  • Weapons [with or without permits]
  • Knives
  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • Animals other than Title iii ADA dogs
  • Coolers
  • Skateboards
  • Roller blades
  • Luggage or other large bags

All bags, purses and other items are subject to search.


During the Fair, the Fairgrounds is a smoke-free zone.  This includes tobacco, vaping, and cannabis.

Public Address System

The “Voice of the Fair” is used for informational and emergency purposes only. The P.A. system cannot be used by the public to page lost people. Upon your arrival at the fairgrounds, please be sure to have a predetermined meeting spot in the event you get separated. The main restrooms or Main Information Booth are both good locations.

State Police/Security

All emergency concerns should be directed to security or fairground personnel.


The animals in the barns and Small Animal Building are on the grounds to compete in livestock shows.  Before and after their shows they are on display. This means that the majority of animals on any given day reflects the shows occurring that day. In the same way, horses at the horse show are specific to the classes being held on a particular day. The number of animals on any given day depends on how many exhibitors are participating that day.


The larger animals are housed in pole barns—open on the sides. Fairgoers can get close to them in their pens. Refrain from putting your hands into the pens, as some animals are not as friendly as others. The people in the middle of the barns are the animals’ owners and handlers. Ask them which animals are approachable and any questions you may have about them.


The Small Animal Building contains poultry, cavy and bunnies. These are 4-H project animals. Local clubs conduct animal story time daily, and have animals available to look at close up and pet. There is also a poultry incubator hatching eggs.


There is a livestock shower next to the pole barns and you may see animals being showered before going to their shows. Also at the end of the pole barns you may see animals being prepared for their shows.


The Agriculture Area is full of educational information. Take a rest stop on the bleachers in the Livestock Pavilion and listen to the judges explain what Best in Show looks like. Visit the Rare Heritage Breeds Educational Tent to see farm animals coming back from near extinction.


There are various ways to save money if you want to ride the rides. The Fair offers several promotions.  Click here.

Farmers’ Market

Check out the location of the Farmers’ Market on the map and stop by at the end of your visit and buy fresh produce to bring home. They will hold purchases for you for end of visit pick up.


All events take place rain or shine. In case of lightening or heavy rain, the carnival rides and outdoor entertainment will pause till the storm passes. The Fair has permanent buildings and tents, so inclement weather will not interfere with your fair-going. No refunds will be given on account of weather.


There are People Mover shuttles to get fairgoers back to their cars.

Where’s my car?

Always note which gate you entered so you can find your car. A good place to rendezvous in The Fairgrounds is the main information booth on Main Street.

The Fair at Sunset
The Fair at Sunset A girl strokes her caped hamster. A family enjoys an outdoor picnic. Cartoon Rooster Illustration A family walking through The Fair. Bunnies Cartoon Rooster Illustration A mother and child in the Agricultural Area A little girl feeds a goat at the Petting Zoo.