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The Sussex County Fairgrounds has provided a venue for tourism for almost 40 years. Coupled with the development and expansion of the infrastructure, aggressive marketing, and advertising, The Fairgrounds has attracted and increased the number of off-season events, bringing more and more visitors to Sussex County every year. This much sought-after event venue has attracted many for-profit and non-profit groups seeking powerful ways to integrate their brands with a fully engaged consumer. In turn, The Fair, through its mission of giving back to the community, has generously donated thousands of dollars of in-kind services and/or reduced rates to charitable agencies throughout the county.

The Fairgrounds also hosts a wide variety of year-round, cultural and athletic events. The large, well-maintained, park-like fields have been home to many cultural festivals including Crawfishfest and Champion of the Grill. The paved roads, open fields, and spacious buildings provide excellent facilities for bicycle clubs, track events, arts and crafts shows, and various other All-Season events scheduled throughout the year. The Richards Building, boasting 10,000 sq. ft. of clear, open space, offers versatile and flexible space for a variety of rental options such as the Newton Kennel Club, Peters Valley Craft Show, and several fundraising craft shows for local schools and organizations.

The Sussex County Farmers Market brings the bounty of the Agricultural Community to the community at large. The Farmers Market received an award from the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce for the collaborative partnership that made the Market possible. It has become a major attraction for out-of-county visitors and offers visitors the opportunity to purchase farm-fresh, locally-grown produce.

One of the most notable additions and enhancements to the Fairgrounds is the addition of The Conservatory and expanded Courtyard. This architecturally stunning structure provides an extraordinary location for business gatherings and social occasions, and is unlike any other in this part of the State.

On March 18, 2010, the Sussex County Fairgrounds was officially recognized by the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce for providing a rich selection of high quality cultural, agricultural, recreational, educational, and entertainment events and services. The Chamber awarded their annual Tourism Award to the Fairgrounds because of the Fair’s quality and reputation and because they are able to attract so many tourists in and around Sussex County.

The New Jersey State Fair was also awarded four prizes at the 2012 International Association for Fairs and Expositions’ (IAFE) annual convention in Las Vegas.

The Fairgrounds continue to provide a venue affordable to all and accessible to everyone in Sussex County and the tri-state region. We are proud to work with area businesses and non-profits to help to fulfill their needs.