A Day of Learning

It's No Cliché - Where There's a Will There's a Way

Find out what it takes to be prepared

Presented by: Elenora L. Benz, Esq.

Creating a Will and an Estate Plan should be a comfortable process, providing an atmosphere for an open and communicative attorney-client relationship. In this environment, clients are able to express their goals and desires, to develop an individualized estate plan to meet their specific needs.

This will be a lively, interactive presentation that will cover the basics of Estate Planning for the "average" family. We'll deal directly with why creating a Will is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced lay person.

Elenora L. Benz, Attorney at Law

Elenora "Ellie" Benz concentrates her practice in the areas of wills, trusts, estate and gift tax planning, business succession planning, and probate and administration of decedents' estates. She is a graduate of the College of Saint Elizabeth, Convent, NJ, and earned her law degree at New York Law School, NY, NY. Ellie has achieved the "AV Preeminent" recognition by Martindale Hubbell.

Ellie belongs to the Bar Associations of New York, New Jersey, and Sussex County. She is a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court Statewide Panel of the Committee on Character and Chair of Part III, a founding member the Animal Law Committee of the NJ State Bar Association, and is the author of the original NJ statute enabling trusts for domestic animals. Ellie is very active in community organizations and created the Earth Angel's project, which brings holiday cheer to homebound senior citizens.

Living Life 2.0

A Road Map for Life After 50

Presented by: Pat Bohse

Does the idea of growing older fill you with apprehension? Do you feel like there are a lot of important things to figure out and you're not sure who to listen to or where to turn: Should I have a will? Long-term care? How do I invest for retirement? When should I collect Social Security? How do I care for my aging parents? Where can I find out about age-based benefits and offers? This class will address these topics and more, creating a useful roadmap to help guide your future.

Pat Bohse, Senior Services Expert - Speaker

Pat is the President of Bohse & Associates, Inc. in Middletown, NJ. She was the former Association Manager for the New Jersey Area Agencies on Aging (NJ4A), comprised of the state's 21 County Offices on Aging, where she assisted the organization with strategic planning, meeting facilitation and general operations. Pat also served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Nutrition and Senior Programs (NANSP) from 2003 to 2018. Pat is a nationally recognized speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. She hosted the weekly radio show, Not-for-Profit eXchange, and has hosted television segments of "Welcome to SCAN" (Social Community Activities Network).

Pat holds academic credentials in Business Administration and Sociology and is a graduate of the Non-profit Management Institute of Columbia University. In 2013, Pat was the recipient of the Reverend Robert V. Lott Humanitarian Award from LiveOnNY, formerly known as the Council of Senior Centers and Services of NYC.

Seeing Eyes with Wet Noses

Learn how a Seeing Eye Inc. trained puppy develops into a guide for the blind

Presented by: Suzanne Boland

Are you curious to know how a puppy develops into a guide dog for the blind? Everyone is invited to attend a family presentation by The Seeing Eye Inc. to learn what is involved in puppy raising (fostering). The program will also cover how The Seeing Eye Inc. breeds and raises puppies to become Seeing Eye dogs, trains the dogs to guide blind people, and instructs blind people in the proper handling and care of the dogs.

Canine representatives will star in the presentation, so you will get to Seeing Eye puppies being raised by volunteers.

Suzanne Boland, Seeing Eye Volunteer

Suzanne, a member of The Seeing Eye Inc., has been a Seeing Eye volunteer puppy raiser for a decade. She is currently also a volunteer public speaker for the organization. She brings first hand/paw knowledge to this presentation.

The Future of Technology

Emerging Trends

Presented by: Robert Boyle

Technology has always been part of our lives from the earliest discoveries of the usefulness of fire and sharp rocks to the latest scientific research and its application in emerging technologies. We will be discussing gene editing with CRISPR, nanotechnology, materials science, quantum computing, communications, and encryption, fiber optics, space exploration, augmented and virtual reality, social media, news, & entertainment, deep fakes, human enhancement and augmentation, and artificial intelligence. This will be a practical talk about the implications, promises, and possible perils of these technologies for people in their lives. This will not be a highly technical talk and we will explain anything that is technical in plain English. Anyone with an interest in the application of technology to our lives is encouraged to attend.

Robert Boyle, CEO of Planet Networks

Serial entrepreneur Robert Boyle is the CEO and founder of Planet Networks, a leading provider of next-generation cloud, security, communications, and network services. Planet Networks is building a next-generation high speed fiber Internet network to connect homes and businesses throughout northwestern New Jersey and beyond. Boyle is an internationally recognized expert, entrepreneur, and speaker. For over 25 years, he has been building Internet infrastructure, software, and services businesses and scaling both small and large organizations. Service to the community has also been part of the culture of all companies under his leadership.

Boyle founded Tellurian Networks, a pioneering ISP based in northern New Jersey and New York City was one of the first ISPs in the world to introduce many of the newest Internet technologies as they were created. Tellurian sold their medical hosting business to Dell in 2008 and became Planet Networks. Boyle has been quoted or featured in many major publications, media outlets, conferences, and television programs. Boyle has helped to start, invested in, and advised many other startups in the information security, software, and IT services space with several successful exits.

Robert Boyle lives in Denville, NJ with his wife and daughter. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family, read, travel, cook, build things, ride motorcycles, and fly airplanes.

Grow Your Own

Vegetable gardening basics and growing beautiful Jersey Tomatoes

Presented by: Erin Lee Collins

Do you want to learn more about vegetable gardening and what is happening in the soil? The life in our soil is called the Soil Food Web and just like other food webs, it can be somewhat complex and even mysterious. The more "alive" your soil is, the healthier your produce will be, all while using less fertilizer and/or pesticides. Erin will present some vegetable gardening basics focusing on healthy soil followed up with a few suggestions on growing beautiful Jersey Tomatoes!

PLEASE NOTE: This is Part 1 of the class that includes Helpful tips and tricks for home canning. The two topics will be combined into one class.

Erin Lee Collins, SCCC Supervisor of Agriculture Business & Horticulture Science

Erin Collins' expertise in all things plants began cultivating as a child growing up in a central Ohio farming community. A graduate of Oregon State University with a Master of Science in Horticulture, she spent her graduate studies researching living, or "Green," roofs. She moved to New Jersey in 2010 to explore vegetable farming. She has also gotten her hands dirty in public gardening, beekeeping, estate gardening, and hydroponic farming. But her favorite way to garden is to garden with a purpose, whether building a rain garden, a garden for pollinators, or to grow vegetables for food.

You Are What You Eat

Surviving and thriving in a nutrient deficient society

Presented by: Kendrya Close

From chronic disease to climate change, what is the ONE common factor in some of the world's most pressing health issues? Our FOOD—more specifically, our food system. It is often hard to connect the dots between our health and the food system, so in this class we will start at the beginning.

  • How did our food system get so broken?
  • What is the current state of affairs when it comes to our food, agricultural practices and nutritional impact?
  • How does the way we grow and produce food have a DIRECT impact on health?
  • Why does all this matter to our "health span" and not just our life span?

We will talk about how to shift from a "diet" culture to a culture focused on overall health, one that includes nutrition as well as physical fitness. Kendrya will provide easy ways and tips for getting healthier TODAY.

Kendrya Close, Executive Director Foodshed Alliance

Kendrya's passion for local food and activism for sustainable agriculture led her to her position as the Executive Director of the Foodshed Alliance, a non-profit organization working at the intersection of food, farming and the environment. Kendrya's experience in the local food movement includes working to engage farmers in sustainable agriculture, educating the community with food issues, and connecting what we eat to the land from which it comes.

Kendrya has a bachelor's degree in environmental biology from Ohio University. Her extensive work as a plant pathologist and urban forester for the Davey Tree Company are among her credentials.

The combination of sustainability issues and a basic love of eating well is what drives Kendrya's current work for the Foodshed Alliance, including projects such as developing a feasibility plan for a Food Hub in New Jersey, implementing a Regional Foodshed Resiliency Plan, creating and managing both winter and summer farmers' markets, and overseeing programs that ensure access to local, fresh, healthy food by all people, regardless of means.

The Art of Persuasion and Effective Negotiations

Learn the secret formula to obtaining excellent negotiation results

Presented by: Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq.

This class is 2 parts. Part 1 is called The Power of E=MC5, a distinct formula for negotiation excellence, which will exponentially increase your negotiation abilities regardless of your chosen field of endeavor. Emphasis will be on the 5 core components of the formula: Commitment, Confidence, Courage, Compassion, and Calmness. Part 2 is called Strategies for Negotiation B.R.A.V.E.R.Y. which recognizes that negotiating is an art and involves many nuances and subtleties. At the same time, negotiating often involves risk and having the courage to put yourself on the line. Specific techniques and tips will be discussed to dramatically improve your ability to obtain excellent negotiation results.

Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq., Attorney - Speaker

Lawrence D. Eichen, Esq. is a practicing attorney in Morristown, NJ with over 25 years of litigation and negotiation experience handling a wide range of civil, traffic, municipal court, and criminal matters. He is also a highly skilled Mediator adept at conflict resolution. In addition, Mr. Eichen is certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is part of the field known as "Energy Psychology". He has resolved more than 1000 cases in his career using persuasive presentations and effective negotiations. He is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, and Association of EFT Professionals.

Historical Parallels to Contemporary Issues

We're told we're living through unprecedented times. But are we?

Presented by: Jennifer Faliveno

Many of the contemporary issues of our time draw interesting parallels to events, ideas, and ideologies of the past. Although history is said to repeat itself or that the present echoes the past, we can learn from these lessons, potentially altering the outcome of our future. Knowing what people have faced in the past and how they overcame or weathered those challenges can help us understand how to navigate today. The ability to maintain this perspective is critical to gaining a greater understanding of the present and helping create a better future, one in which this great American experiment continues to thrive and evolve "in order to form a more perfect Union."

The overall theme of this class is a challenge to think beyond the facts to make connections and attach meaning in order to understand both who we are and where we have come from. Participants are expected to think, challenge themselves and others, and draw conclusions. In turn, they will develop a greater appreciation for the nation in which we live, our natural rights guaranteed protection under our Constitution, and a better sense of themselves and their role in the community.

Jennifer Faliveno, MAT

Jennifer's natural curiosity for history as well as the impact of civics in modern times, has led her to professional coursework and studies through organizations including, but not limited to, the Cato Institute, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Facing History and Ourselves, iCivics, the National Constitution Center, Yad Vashem, Teaching Tolerance, the NJ Amistad Commission, the Supreme Court Institute, and the Center for Constitutional Studies. Jennifer was recently appointed to the Teachers Advisory Council for the National Constitution Center.

Jennifer is a graduate of Newton High School and received her BS in Secondary Education and BA in History at Seton Hall University. She later earned her Special Education Certification at Jersey City State University and then went on to complete her Master of Arts in Teaching at Marygrove College in Detroit, Michigan. Jennifer taught at Newton High School, followed by Lenape Valley Regional High School, Forest Lakes, Randolph High School, and Valleyview Middle School in Denville, NJ where she has taught since 1999. She and her family reside in Denville, NJ.

The Trails of Sussex County

You'll be surprised what's in your backyard!

Presented by: Rocky Gott

In this course Rocky will talk about the types of trails, benefits of trails in the community, and where to get information about trails.

Rocky Gott, State Park Superintendent (Retired)

Rocky was the State Park Superintendent from June 1993 through February 2011. He was responsible for establishing a new state park based on the newly purchased Paulinskill Valley Trail and the pre-existing Sussex Branch Trail by clearing the trails and adding decks to the existing steel bridge superstructures. Rocky established Kittatinny Valley State Park as operational headquarters for the rail trails in 1994. He monitored all rail-trail refurbishment projects, building construction projects, roadway and parking lot construction projects, and rail-trail bridge construction projects.

Rocky received his Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources Management-Forestry from Cook College—Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. He is a Life Scout and former Boy Scout leader, and on the Board of Trustees of the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce. He spends his retirement time traveling, kayaking, bike riding, and volunteering with the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce Trails Partnership Committee.

Let's Chat Wine

A quest to match people with wine

Presented by: Jon Hartlage

Join local wine personality Jon Hartlage for an informative class devoted to appreciating wine as a food enhancement and delightfully versatile beverage. The class will start with a brief introduction of the 6 most common varietals and styles of wine, then offer a short focused presentation of aroma, flavor, and texture. A bit of history of winemaking techniques and basic climate based geography will also be addressed.

There will be some strictly controlled tasting of fermented grape juice in white, rose, and red...Yay! A small dose of contextual information makes for high appreciation of wine (arguably the world's most artistic food commodity!) To experience a bit of wine "infotainment" before the Event, visit Jon's YouTube channel Let's Chat Wine for a sneak peak into Jon's entertaining approach to sharing his wine knowledge and experience.

Jon Hartlage, Wine Expert and Mixologist

For over 30 years, Jon has been acquiring, promoting, and sharing wine, whether as a wine buyer, corporate host, restaurant manager, or wine sommelier. He started as a wine buyer for a large multi-store retailer in 1989. Since then, his enthusiasm for wine has taken him to exciting professional positions as wine buyer for retailers from the Midwest to the New York Metro area and more recently as wine sommelier for 2 of New Jersey's top-rated restaurants, Café Matisse in Rutherford and Restaurant Latour at Crystal Springs.

Jon has hosted numerous wine food dinners with famous California winemakers and celebrities alike, presented social wine tastings, conducted staff etiquette trainings, and offered corporate team building events for ceo's and executives. Jon is currently focused on marketing his YouTube channel and multiple engagements as a consultant to restaurants and private clubs on hospitality, wine service, and beverage creativity.

Canning 101

Basics of food preservation

Presented by: Neil Nederfield

Home canning or bottling, also known colloquially as putting up or processing, is the process of preserving foods, in particular, fruits, vegetables, and meats, by packing them into glass jars and then heating the jars to create a vacuum seal and kill the organisms that would create spoilage.

Neil will provide an overview of basic canning methods using the Water Bath and Pressure Canner, presented in a slide show format with explanations and comments.

PLEASE NOTE: This is Part 2 of the class that includes Vegetable gardening basics and growing beautiful Jersey Tomatoes. The two topics will be combined into one class.

Neil Nederfield, Certified Food Processor

Neil's canning career began at an early age. He helped his mother can from the time he could walk; starting by breaking the stems off of string beans and then graduating to being allowed to snap the snap beans. After Neil got married he took the big step from Water Bathing (WB) into the world of Pressure Canning (PC). Over the past 60+ years Neil has canned everything from sauerkraut to tuna fish and everything in between.

In 2005 Neil took the Rutgers Food Preservation course through the Extension Service and became a Certified Food Processor. He runs the Canning Competition and the Jerky and Charcuterie Contest at the NJ State Fair. He enjoys all types of food preservation and has done numerous demos at the Fair on canning. Neil has even held a class for the 4H Kids and taught them how to make salsa.

As well as his role on the Creative Arts for Home & Hobby Committee, Neil plays an active part as a Sussex County Fairgrounds volunteer.

Financial Health for Better Health

What does it mean to be financially healthy?

Presented by: Steven V. Oroho

Financial health is fundamental to leading a happy and successful life. The topic "financial health" usually brings to mind only a person's monetary wealth, but even the wealthy can suffer because of their finances. Many people living with financial stress handle it through sedentary or unhealthy habits such as watching TV, drinking alcohol, smoking, and stress eating.

Creating a sound financial present does more than alleviate current stress—it lays the foundation for a stable and secure financial future. A person's ability to think further into the future could have a huge impact on debt reduction, savings behaviors, and cash management, —resulting in more money saved. However, many people automatically give more weight to immediate needs and discount the future, resulting in financial behaviors that may hurt long-term goals.

Steve will help you identify bad savings and spending patterns and introduce you to ways you can take better care of your financial self. With good financial health, you're able to relax and put much of your financial life on autopilot.


Senator Steven Oroho is currently serving his fourth term in the New Jersey State Senate. He represents the twenty-fourth legislative district in the northwestern part of the state which comprises all of Sussex County, and parts of northern Warren and Morris Counties.

Before entry into public office, Steve had extensive professional experience in the finance departments of top New York City firms including work for Price Waterhouse, W.R. Grace and Company, as well as Young and Rubicam where he held the position of Senior Vice President of Finance. He is presently a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Stonebridge Capital Management.

Steve is married, and the father of five children and eight grandchildren. He resides in Franklin Borough, Sussex County.

Empower Yourself

Self-defense for everyday living

Presented by: Sensei Ayla U. Quaglio and Sensei Phil DeStefano

During this valuable presentation, seasoned instructors Phil DeStefano and Ayla Quaglio will discuss smart choices to stay safe while pursuing everyday activities - and what actions to take if danger finds you. Topics will include awareness strategies, escape plans, and physical resistance techniques aimed at the most effective target areas to dissuade your attacker. Physical demonstrations will include learning how to escape a wrist grab, choke, shoulder grab and bear hug. Attitude, knowledge and confidence play an important role in protecting yourself. Arm yourself with information and options!

Ayla U. Quaglio, Internationally Certified 4th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Ayla has trained within the Koei-Kan Karate-Do martial arts system for over 20 years. Her martial arts journey has taken her up and down the east coast, achieving impressive success in kata (forms), sparring and weapons tournaments on the local, state and national level. Among her most valued achievements was being the first black-belt woman from the U.S.A. to train with the founder of the Koei-Kan system in Tokyo, Japan.

Along with owning and operating the dojo with Phil, Ayla holds a Master's Degree in Education and teaches in the Morris County school district. Her enthusiasm for teaching has evolved into an opportunity for all learners, young and old, to grow in an environment of excitement and fun.

Sensei Phil DeStefano, Internationally Certified 4th Degree Black Belt

With over 20 years of training in the martial arts, "Sensei D" is passionate about martial arts and teaching people to defend themselves in real-life situations. Phil has had the honor of competing internationally, representing the US in Greece...and coming home a winner. He has volunteered his time and expertise through introducing self-defense to the clients of Project Self-Sufficiency in Newton, NJ, and also, through a self-defense course available to the public at the Main Branch of the Sussex County Library.

Phil and business partner, Ayla, are the owners, operators and head instructors at the Academy of Koei-Kan Karate-Do located in Branchville, NJ.

Acupuncture & Nutritional Wellness

Good health comes from within

Presented by: Rachel Taylor and Joanne Sabatino

Each person is on their own individual journey to healing and maintaining their health. Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old healing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It improves the body's functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites--commonly referred to as acupuncture points, or acupoints. Modern research has demonstrated acupuncture's effects on the nervous system, endocrine and immune systems, cardiovascular system, and digestive system. Increasingly, it is being used for overall wellness, including stress management.

Rachel Taylor, Acupuncturist, MSAC, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Rachel is the owner of Your Path Acupuncture in Sparta, NJ, and is a New Jersey and New York state licensed acupuncturist. She earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York and is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is also certified by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) in Clean Needle Technique. Prior to receiving her master's degree she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Louisiana State University-Shreveport. She has treated people suffering from psycho-emotional disorders, stress and anxiety, pain, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders and women's health issues. Rachel looks forward to helping each person on their individual journey of healing and maintaining their health.

Joanne Sabatino, Acupuncturist, MSAC, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), CPT

Joanne Sabatino is an experienced personal trainer, nutritionist and most recently a licensed acupuncturist. Joanne's positive mind set and growing passion for alternative health has helped guide others on their journey to gain wellness and longevity through natural healing. Joanne acquired her Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She is certified by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) in clean needle technique She is a licensed Acupuncturist in New York, NACA and NSAM Certified Personal Trainer and holistic nutritionist, as well as a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) certification working with diabetics and cardiac patients.

Joanne's education combined with 35 years of experience has equipped her with the ability to educate and coach clients and patients to achieve the health and wellness goals, such as healing through an integrative approach to nutrition, weight loss, immune disorders, hormone issues/imbalances, mental health, anxiety, stress, pain relief and fitness.

"December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy"

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

Presented by: Heidi Amelia-Anne Weber, Ph.D.

When the surprise attack took place on December 7th at Pearl Harbor, America was changed forever. This presentation will focus on the events that transpired on this infamous day. It will explore the motivations of the Japanese empire in attacking the U.S. Pacific fleet as well as America's response. Individuals' stories and experiences will be incorporated in the presentation about this famous event.

Heidi Amelia-Anne Weber, Ph.D. and M.A. in History

Dr. Heidi Amelia-Anne Weber holds the rank of full professor of military history/history at the SUNY: Orange. Heidi earned her Ph.D. in 19th Century American History from Kent State University. Her specialty is the Antebellum South as well as the application of total warfare in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina in 1864-1865. Her third field in her doctoral program was in 20th Century American History, concentrating on World War II.

Heidi was selected as a Fellow in the United States Military Academy Summer Seminar in Military History. In 2017 Dr. Weber was awarded the SUNY: Orange President's Award for Excellence in Teaching and the New York Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence. She has also been named as a Marquis Top Educator, Who's Who in America, Who's Who of Emerging Leaders and Who's Who of American Women.

Photography Beyond Celebrations

Capturing Your World in Pictures

Presented by: Rob Yaskovic

You don't have to be a professional photographer to create images that express your unique view of the world around you. Learn how to notice, see, and capture special moments in time beyond birthdays, holidays, and vacations. There is beauty in the everyday; you just have to pay attention to see it. Rob will help train your eyes and your mind to recognize and capture those memorable opportunities.

Rob Yaskovic, Photographer

Rob Yaskovic is a working photographer living is Sussex County, New Jersey. A former staff newspaper photographer, his current work covers everything from weddings to food to music to fly fishing. His work has appeared in The Fly Fish Journal, Revolver, NJ Monthly, Boating Magazine, The Drake, and Edible New Jersey.

Diet Trends

Separating Fact from Fiction

Presented by: Trish Zecca

Does Fat make you fat? Is Keto right for me? Are there really health benefits from Intermittent Fasting, Gluten-Free or Whole 30? Should I be taking collagen? What is personalized nutrition?

Come hear about the hot nutrition, ingredient and diet trends. Then understand what the science has to say to separate fact from fiction and build a healthy, attainable eating plan that is right for you.

Patricia "Trish" Zecca, Nutrition, Food Industry & Public Health Expert

Trish has over 20 years of experience in various areas of nutrition science including diet and disease prevention, maternal & child health, USDA Food and Nutrition Programs, diabetes education, and the food industry. Trish spent the last 10 years at the Campbell Soup Company leading Global Nutrition strategy and innovation for the Americas then Snack businesses. She and her team of experienced RDs and nutrition scientists helped bring to market nutritionally advantaged products such as Well Yes soup, V8 Hydrate, Veggie Goldfish, plant-based proteins products and helped reduce the sodium while increasing vegetables and whole grains across the portfolio.

Trish is the former Chairman of the Board for the Produce for Better Health Foundation, sodium committee of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) and active in influencing and shaping FDA nutrition policy. She received her Bachelor and Master's degrees in nutrition science from the Pennsylvania State University, and is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics since 1984. Trish's passion is to help others sift through the conflicting messages on diet and health, and enjoy delicious food to achieve their personalized health and wellness goals.

Let the Festivities Begin!

Congratulations and Thank You to Our New Graduates

Emcee: Raymond Cordts

Following the Bonus Class / Keynote Speaker presentation, local celebrity and all-around-good-guy, Raymond Cordts, will honor us as Emcee and share some words of wisdom with A Day of Learning 2020 class graduates. During the ceremonies participants will receive their course completion certificate (which will serve as the receipt for the contribution to the Fundraising event). Presenters will be encouraged to attend the festivities to meet-and-greet with students.

Raymond Cordts, SVP, Business Development Officer

Raymond Cordts is Senior Vice President, Business Development Officer based in Sparta, NJ, with more than 50 years of banking experience. Throughout his career, Ray has developed a wealth of expertise in the areas of Retail Banking, Business Banking and Financial Services. Ray is committed to each client relationship, all with the goal of helping businesses grow.

Ray embodies the community banking model of strong ties to the community with active service to numerous non-profit organizations. Ray serves as Trustee for Newton Medical Center Foundation, SCARC Foundation Board, Secretary & Treasurer of Sussex Rural Electric Cooperative and past President of the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce. Ray studied business at UPSALA College and is a graduate of the American Institute of Banking.