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2020 NJ State Fair® Sussex County Farm & Horse Show

Cancelled Amid COVID-19 Public Health Concerns


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Mike Richards, Fairgrounds Manager
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Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, its impact on community health and well-being, as well as the financial and government restriction uncertainty, the annual 2020 Fair has been cancelled by the Directors of the Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Association.


The safety of the NJ State Fair’s® visitors, participants and community is the highest priority in producing the annual Fair.  Based on guidance from public health and government officials, it became clear that cancellation was the prudent choice for the Fair to do its part to improve community health and safety, and reduce the cycle of infection. 


We remain hopeful that the other events planned at the Fairgrounds in the coming months will continue on schedule and we’re committed to holding our 2021 NJ State Fair® from August 7th to August 14th 2021.  With the cancellation of the 2020 Fair, next year’s Fair will become the 80th anniversary.  We are also excited to share that the Sussex County Farmer’s Market, located near the entrance to the fairgrounds, will be opening in June.


The impact of COVID-19 on the operation of the Sussex County Fairgrounds has been very economically challenging and the Fair’s cancellation will be felt far beyond our Fairgrounds.  Fair President Joan Snook Smith stated, “We are heartbroken that circumstances beyond our control prevent us from offering the annual and iconic Fair to the residents of Sussex County and neighboring areas.  In particular, we will miss the children, 4-Hers and families that anticipate and look forward every year to their “Fair experience”.  Unfortunately, after weeks of consideration, there seems to be no path forward toward a safe and enjoyable Fair in 2020.  We regret the effect this cancellation will have on the small businesses, family farms, competitors, exhibitors, community groups and non-profits that rely on the income and exposure that the NJ State Fair® brings them.” The impact is felt not only by those who participate on the Fairgrounds during Fair week, but also the many surrounding businesses who benefit from the influx of visitors to the area.


Fairgrounds staff will be working with all our vendors, participants and stakeholders to address concerns and answer questions.  In our 80 year history, the Fair has only been cancelled one other time, during the hurricane of 1955.  We remain committed to our mission to showcase New Jersey’s agriculture, to provide safe, family-friendly entertainment and educational activities, to promote youth development and to give financial support to charitable non-profit agencies.





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COVID-19 Statement


The Sussex County Farm and Horse Show Association is a private non-profit organization.  For 80 years, our focus has been on education, agriculture, family and especially community.  The Fair Association is saddened by the effects of the current Covid-19 virus pandemic on our neighbors, vendors, fellow non-profits and employees.


Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, consistent with both common sense and public health orders and recommendations, we’ve been working with those who have cancelled or postponed events.  Whenever possible, events such as weddings, festivals, and non-profit fundraisers are being rescheduled.


Due to financial and health considerations, many of our employees have been temporarily furloughed, had hours reduced or are working from home to the extent possible.  The Fairgrounds are closed to the public and the office is closed without regular staffing.  Please email the Fairgrounds Manager, Mike Richards, as the best way to make contact for anything that may be needed –


We will continue to monitor how the coronavirus effects our operation and will adjust as needed.  We continue to plan and look forward to the many upcoming events at the Fairgrounds. Please check our website regularly for updates to our calendar as changes are made.


We are saddened by the devastation that this pandemic is causing to so many individuals, families and businesses in our county and across the country.  We wish the very best in health for everyone and look forward to returning, stronger and more grateful than ever.  Stay safe.





"Winding Brook Farm"

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The Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Association

The Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Association, a non-profit organization, has been overseeing the Fairgrounds Complex by hosting a wide variety of events for over 40 years. These cultural, agricultural, athletic and entertainment events - many of which involve non-profit organizations - provide fun, wholesome entertainment to local residents and attract an increasing number of visitors to Sussex County throughout the year.


The mission statement governing the Fairgrounds is:


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  • Provide safe, family-friendly entertainment & educational activities
  • Promote youth development
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The Fairgrounds receives no monetary support from government sources.