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Find the show in which you wish to exhibit. Click on it to access a PDF file containing rules/regulations and entry forms. Some competitions are open to exhibitors statewide, some in the tri-state area, and some for Sussex County. Check the rules for the competition. For any questions, contact The Fairgrounds office at 973-948-5500 or email us.


Please read the Political Display Policy.



  • All out-of-state animals entering the fair MUST have a CVI within 30 days. All in-state animals may use a veterinarian-certified animal health certificate (AHC) or CVI within 30 days. All out-of-state poultry MUST be tested for AI within 72 hours of coming to the fair. All species for which there is a Rabies Vaccine MUST be vaccinated. ALL animals must enter through the Vet Check Gate with their AHC/CVI's and MUST be stamped by the Vet. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.
  • The sale of any type of animal (ie: poultry, pet, livestock, etc) is NOT permitted at the fair, except for the sale of the 4H market animals at the 4H Market Animal Sale.




2024 Livestock & Poultry Exhibitor Online Entry Form

2024 Livestock Exhibitor Entry Form


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Exhibition of cows Exhibition of poultry Exhibition of honey Exhibition of crafts